IPL for acne scars: How does it work and what are the benefits?

Suffering with acne is difficult, but visible complications can be more frustration. Let’s find out how IPL for acne scars works.

Suffering with acne is difficult, but it can be even more frustrating to be left with visible complications of acne on the skin. SkinBase IPL for acne scars is proven to be an incredibly effective treatment. Though many people just associate IPL with hair removal, SkinBase IPL Advanced treatments deliver substantial results for a variety of skin conditions. Let’s find out how IPL for acne scars works, and IPL acne treatment benefits.

What is IPL Acne treatment? 

The IPL system uses specific lightwaves to target structures within the skin. An IPL acne treatment makes use of yellow, green and red light, emitted into the skin in a series of short pulses. IPL acne treatments are beneficial over other laser based treatments as the multiple wavelengths of light used can achieve greater targeting of cells. The IPL for acne scars treatment can address acne triggers whilst also stimulating collagen production simultaneously.

During an IPL acne treatment, the coloured lights pass from the handset, through the epidermis, to reach the second layer of the skin. Each of the coloured lights have a different purpose used to tackle acne and scarring. The green and yellow lights destroy any harmful bacteria on the skin. With the bacteria no longer causing pus and inflammation, this prevents new spots from occurring, and new scars from forming. The red light causes a targeted heating deep within the skin, which helps to shrink the inflamed sebaceous glands. Therefore, minimising the production of sebum to help pores remain unclogged.

Pitted scars – 

Importantly, the three lights work together to stimulate collagen production. A key cause of acne scarring is a lack of collagen during the healing process of the skin. Therefore, the excess collagen production improves the appearance of any scarring and texture by plumping the skin. Therefore, IPL for pitted acne scars is a very effective treatment.

IPL Benefits 

There are many IPL acne treatment benefits, for both the skin and the individual. When having an IPL facial for acne scars, or when treating anywhere on your body, you will not feel any pain or discomfort. SkinBase IPL is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment, with a specially developed cry-cooling handset. No needles are included and the special handset cools the skin prior to treatment. Therefore, the feeling experienced during an IPL Acne treatment is best described as a slight tingling sensation. This means there is no need to dedicate a large amount of time treating your acne scarring. IPL acne treatments take no more than 30 minutes each, and you can return to daily life immediately afterwards.

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