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Introducing Unwelcome Maskne

Every time you walk into a store, be it a supermarket, a fashion store, a discount retailer or a high-end designer outlet, you’ll often find yourself confronted with face masks. Embracing what is being termed ‘the new normal’, retailers all over the world have created a plethora of face masks which are designed to look good while providing the level of protection necessary – but as yet, very few are focussing on the primary issue being faced by our skin. Maskne. The side effect of the pandemic that none of us expected. 


Maskne or ‘acne mechanical’ is the term used to describe the build-up of spots that sit around the chin and mouth under your mask. These spots are caused by the humid and sweaty environment created under your mask by your regular breathing; trapping bacteria and being made even worse by the irritation of the mask itself rubbing on your skin.

What Can You Do?

The fact is, there’s no way around this. Masks have become a necessity, and the whole point of the mask is to trap your breath and stop it escaping, in order to protect those around you. 

But there are things we can do to keep the effects of maskne to a minimum – and they’re not all about getting the right treatment to take care of your skin. 

  • Wash your face before and after wearing your mask.
  • Wear a clean mask – something that is part of the government guidelines anyway but is something that should be focussed on for the sake of your skin. Think of it like a pair of underwear… it’s not like you’d wear them more than once without a wash! 
  • Avoid touching the inside of your mask at any time to avoid transferring bacteria
  • Go easy on the facial makeup, particularly around your mouth and chin. You may think make-up will help conceal the symptom, but all that happens is it adds to the problem. 

Wear your mask – but follow the above guidelines to keep your skin as clean and healthy as possible. 


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