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Holiday beauty essentials

Holiday Beauty Essentials

Have you recently booked your holiday? Looking forward to jetting off somewhere sunny for a rejuvenating week or two? Here are our essentials for looking and feeling fantastic while you relax!

Pre-Holiday Exfoliation

Feel confident on the beach and make sure your tan lasts for as long as possible by exfoliating regularly in the run-up to your holiday. Aim to exfoliate your face twice a week, and your body up to three times a week.


Sunglasses are essential for protecting your eyes and the delicate skin around them from the harmful effects of UV rays. They are also the only way you can protect your eyes, so choose a good pair that have a protection level of category two or three.

Fake Tan

Don’t overdo the tanning on the first couple of days of your holiday – you’re at a much higher risk of burning, and lobster red isn’t a good holiday look. Remove the temptation by opting for a fake tan before you go away, or use a gradual self-tan or tinted moisturiser to take the shine off those milk bottle legs.

Find Your Local SkinBase™ Therapist

SkinBase™ is the leading microdermabrasion treatment. With over 2,000 accredited salons and spas in the UK & Ireland, there’s bound to be a salon near you.

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Lip Balm

Did you know that your lips can burn, just like the rest of your face? There are lots of lip balms out there with SPF protection. Make sure you wear one if you’re going to expose your skin to more sun than usual.


You might be on holiday, but your skin isn’t! Your skin has to cope with exposure to the sun, sand, sea and holiday indulgences, it works hard so you can relax. Don’t skip your skincare routine, make sure you keep cleansing and moisturising to give your skin the best possible care.

Aloe Vera Gel

We’re only human after all – if you do catch the sun apply some aloe vera gel to cool, hydrate and soothe. If your hotel room has a mini fridge, keep it in there!


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