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merry christmas

Have Yourselves A Very Merry Christmas!

We’re logging off now for a few days with our families before we get back to it in 2020 with our mission to get you all on your path to perfect skin. A few tips for the festive season so you don’t undo all the hard work of your therapist…

One wine, one water, repeat

Dehydration is awful for your skin, if you like a few drinks over Christmas, try to squeeze in a glass of water or two and don’t forget to have a glass straight before bed too. Your head will thank you too.

No sleeping until you’ve done your cleaning

We’re not talking about the housework, make sure to clean that makeup off before you fall into bed. It probably feels like the last thing you want to do but sleeping in your makeup is a big no no!

Take a Walk

You might not be following your usual routines over the festive period, so make sure to stay active, take a winter walk with family and friends. A nice crisp, cold morning is great for a long walk and the blood will be pumping by the time you get home. We often stop off at the pub in the middle – just for one mind!

Sweet Dreams

Few days off? Get some rest. Your skin is busy repairing and regenerating while you are asleep so make sure to fit in the recommended 7+ hours.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Get a facial booked for the New Year. You need something to stop those after-Christmas blues kicking in and a facial is the perfect remedy. Look good, feel good and relax after all the stress and preparation for Christmas.

Have a very Merry Christmas from all of us here at SkinBase


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