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hair some va-va voom

Give your hair some va-va voom with these amazing tips…

Is your hair limp, lifeless and lacking that certain something? Well, let me tell you, you’re not alone! In fact, this is a reality that most of us have to face. Lack of volume can affect us all, whether you have thick tresses or fine hair. So, before you rush to the hairdressers, give these tried and tested tricks to help inject your hair with some beautiful va-va voom.

Utilise your time in the shower to get the best volume

The right shampoo and conditioner can make a big difference if you want to add volume to your tresses. There are some amazing shampoos and conditioners on the market which will help to enhance your hair’s volume, resulting in luscious locks. These products work in a number of ways including not weighing your hair down when it comes time to blow dry and style.

Blow dry the right way

We all love a good blow dry at the hairdressers, who doesn’t love a treat now and again. But we haven’t all got bottomless pockets to fund this lifestyle so sometimes we have to make do with what we can at home! Blow drying is ultimately the most important step in your volume-achieving escapades! First, spray volumising hair spray directly onto your roots. Next, flip your hair over and rough-dry your hair upside down with your hair dryer. Once your hair is damp, rather than wet, it’s time to grab your round brush. With your brush, concentrate mostly on lifting your hair at the roots and continue blow-drying your hair.

Roll up, roll up!

Whether we are talking Velcro or hot rollers, they both do wonders when adding volume to your hair. First, your hair needs to be completely dry. Then you need to take sections of your hair and roll them into your rollers. After about ten minutes, remove the rollers and you hair should feel bigger and bouncier. Why not apply your makeup with your rollers in and then remove them afterwards?

Second day hair is sometimes where it’s at!

I can be guilty, as many of us are, of washing our hair every single day. But when it comes to volume, squeaky clean can be a hindrance. Second day hair tends to style easier and hold curl (or volume) even better than clean hair. Dry shampoo is key to maximising second day hair. Not only does it hide any unwanted oil but also helps to lift your roots back into voluminous perfection. Dry shampoo really is a girl’s best friend!

So now we’ve given you the tips to volume rich hair, here are some more beauty tips to change your life – enjoy.


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