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sweat-proof your makeup

Five top tips to sweat-proof your makeup this summer

Summer is amazing, but what is not so fabulous is melting makeup, smudged eyeshadow and runny eyeliner. So, if you’re looking for ways to sweat-proof your makeup this summer, these five top tips are sure to help keep makeup looking fresh and pretty, even when the weather is working against you.

1. Cos it’s all about the base, ‘bout the base

There’s no point applying amazing makeup and spending time to perfect your technique if your skin is not in tip-top condition, after all, the way you care for your skin is just as important as the makeup you apply to it. In summer, try using an oil-free moisturiser in the morning, followed by an oil-free foundation which will help to prevent the dreaded shine.

2. Primer is the way forward

Primer only takes a couple of seconds to apply, but boy is it worth it! Apply after moisturiser, but before face makeup and it will make such a difference, especially in summer as they don’t feel at all like a heavy additional layer, and they really help hold makeup in place.

3. Less is more

Would you like to prevent your makeup from caking and creasing in the hot and humid summer months? If the answer is yes, then you need to follow the mantra that less is most definitely more! For the most natural look, free from caking and creasing, try using just a tinted moisturiser and a concealer where you need it. In the hot weather, makeup is more likely to move around, so the best way to avoid that is to wear less of it.

4. Give your eyeshadow staying power

If you want to achieve a longer lasting eyeshadow, then try to avoid using eye cream on your lids as it can break down makeup, and instead, smooth on an eye primer. The eye primer will help to create a base for the shadow to cling to so it lasts longer, whilst also preventing any creasing. One tip for the ultimate in all-day wearability is to layer a powder over a cream. This works for eyeliner too – simply apply your regular cream or pencil liner, and then press dark shadow over the liner using an angled brush to set it for longer wear.

5. Keep prep items in your purse

Ever had a pic taken in the summer heat and felt disappointed because of the oily look? Well do not fear as this can be avoided by staying prepared with purse-size products that are perfect for travel, such as blotting papers which are a great way to whisk away the sweat and oil without piling on more product.


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