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Family Secret Santa Gift Ideas

We receive some pointless gifts at Christmas so to try and minimise unnecessary gifts this year we’re trying out family Secret Santa (for the adults, of course, we’d never do that to the children!) The idea is that it will be a light-hearted, anonymous bit of fun! We’ve set a limit at £20 but you can do more or less depending on how generous you’re feeling. Here are the gift ideas we’ve come up with so far!

A grown-up game

Prosecco Ping Pong is topping our list of the best games to give as a gift, but there are all kinds of party games out there for every ‘grown-up’ to enjoy!

Adult colouring book

There’s a reason these became such a huge trend not long ago – they’re great fun and the perfect way to relieve stress. You can get ones with pretty much any theme you want, from flowers and animals to campervans.

Gift voucher

A gift voucher from your favourite SkinBase Therapist is the perfect gift for anyone who needs to unwind or deserves a treat.

Boozy selection box

Any aficionado of craft ales, gin or any other artisanal alcohol will be sure to love the chance to expand their horizons with a selection of their favourite tipple!

Personalised travel mug

You can get some really pretty, tasteful personalised coffee mugs nowadays, so help a family member enjoy their caffeine fix with that ‘reusable cup discount’ day after day – and help save the environment from all that unnecessary plastic too.

We’ve also decided to try a Christmas ‘pass the parcel’ this year – we’ll be passing it around the table and each layer will have a corny Christmas joke, mini bottle of whiskey, bottle opener or tiny box of chocolates inside! Sounds like fun, right?


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