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Don’t sabotage your IPL course – Tips for hair removal on lockdown

If you are currently on a course of IPL then please can we offer a little bit of advice during this lockdown period to make sure you don’t hinder your treatment course. For the hair on areas you are having IPL treatment;

  • No plucking it!
  • No epilating it!
  • No waxing it!
  • No tweezing it! 

If you can’t wait until the next treatment then you can shave the area. Shaving the area removes the hair but, importantly, it doesn’t remove the hair from the follicle like other hair removal methods. We need a little bit of hair in the follicle to target with IPL so please stick to just shaving.

How does IPL work?

When used for hair reduction the light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair and is converted into heat. This damages the follicle making it unable to support further hair growth. The number of treatments required will vary but you should expect to see significant results within 3-6 treatments. A full course of 6 to 10 treatments is recommended to achieve long lasting results.

Find your nearest IPL therapist

If you are looking to find somewhere offering IPL treatments you can use our therapist finder below. Your IPL specialist will carry out a full consultation and recommend a treatment plan for the best results.

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