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Microdermabrasion Decolletage Treatment

What is your décolletage?

The word comes from the French language and we use it to describe the area under your chin and down to your bust. If you wear a V-neck top or dress your décolletage is the exposed area. It doesn’t contain much oil so it can be dry. Also there aren’t as many cells as other parts of your skin to protect you from the sun. That’s why your neck and chest area become sun damaged more easily than your face.

You should treat your neck and décolletage in the same way you treat your face. It needs cleansing and moisturising, but then instead of foundation with SPF, apply a good sunscreen. A gentle body brush used with foaming cleanser is a good method of removing oil and dirt. Be gentle with the brush, so as not to damage your skin. Steer clear of products that contain perfume as it can make this area red and blotchy (and don’t spray perfume on this area if it will be exposed to the sun).

Decolletage microdermabrasion treatment

This delicate area requires a sensitive touch. Our Decolletage treatment will use the MD’s variable control to ensure just the right amount of pressure for your skin. If your skin is showing signs of sun damage or ageing, microdermabrasion helps to eliminate fine lines and sunspots to improve the condition of your skin. Also prone to pigmentation issues, the decolletage will see benefits from a course of treatment to gently remove pigmentation caused by sun damage. Microdermabrasion is a progressive treatment, you will see improvements weekly as the microdermabrasion works through the layers.


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