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Countdown to your big day

Countdown to your big day – The Beauty Schedule

You’ve set a date, and are ready to start planning every detail of your perfect wedding. To help make things easier, we’ve put together a beauty schedule for you. Follow this to be sure that every aspect of your look is perfect, in time to walk down the aisle.

12 Months Before

To be hair-free for the honeymoon we recommend you start a course of Intense Pulsed Light for permanent hair reduction now. IPL can also be used to treat acne and thread veins, two issues that can wreck a bride’s confidence, so you could look into that if needed too. Now is also the time to start your exercise regime; it’s no good crash-dieting three weeks before the big day. Start now and get into good habits so you can approach the day (and the dress!) calmly and happily.

9 Months Before

You’ve been exercising for three months now so you’ll know what kind of effect it’s had on your body, and hopefully will have a good routine. Now it’s time to introduce the next step towards bridal beauty; improving your diet. A healthy diet will have a huge effect not just on how your body looks, but also your skin. Eat plenty of vegetables, wholegrains and lean proteins and stay away from sugar, processed foods and excess saturated fats. You should also be drinking two litres of water every day from now on.

6 Months Before

Now is the time to start sorting out your skin. Book a course of Microdermabrasion Facials to make sure your skin will look flawless under your bridal makeup. You should also start to have makeup and hair trials around this time – just remember to have ideas in mind before your trials so the stylist or MUA knows what to show you!

3 Months Before

Time to start getting the skin of your body looking perfect – exfoliate your whole body twice a week and invest in a good body lotion to replenish and soften.

6 Weeks Before

Now might be time to looking into Radio Frequency Treatments. This treatment helps lift and smooth, to improve the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. You can have it on both the face and body, so if you want to get rid of cellulite for the honeymoon or you’re starting to notice some ageing that you don’t want to see in your photos, book a course of RF now.

1 Month Before

If you dye your hair, you need to plan very carefully around the wedding to make sure your colour looks perfectly fresh on the day. Get it dyed one month before, and then have a touch up one and a half weeks before the big day. And remember to use hair masks regularly to make sure your mane is beautifully soft and smooth. Don’t worry about your hair getting oily in the run up; you can always shampoo grease out of hair, but you can’t always fix dryness or damage.

14 Days Before

  • Time for your haircut!

Our top tip: don’t go to a new hairdresser for your pre-wedding haircut. If you don’t already have a regular hairdresser, try to find one early on in your engagement so you know you have someone you can trust.

7 Days Before

  • Book yourself a final facial and a full body massage

Get that all that tension worked out and treat yourself! In seven days you’ll be hosting the event of the century, and committing yourself to another person for life, it’s a big deal and you’ve earned some pampering!

48 Hours Before

  • Time to get your fake tan, nails and lash lift done.

Give your hair a final deep condition and make sure to follow the instructions of your fake tan or advice of your salon to make sure your skin stays looking perfect and who doesn’t love a lash lift? This will look fab and last while you are on honeymoon.

24 Hours Before

  • Relax!

You’ve done everything you need to. Whatever your plans are today, enjoy them. Tomorrow will be the most wonderful day of your life!


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