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Countdown to Christmas

Countdown to Christmas

The countdown has begun, the foil has been broken on the advent calendar and Christmas is well and truly on the way. We love the festive season (who doesn’t?) and we’re looking forward to some Christmassy nights out, as well as lots of cosy nights in. First though, we need to get our skin glowing so we don’t have to worry about our complexion suffering from the cold weather, dry central heating and seasonal overindulgence. So here’s our guide to help you know what you should you be doing to get skin glowing this Christmas!

Night Cream 

This skincare step might seem over the top or frivolous the rest of the year, but if there’s one time of the year you don’t want to skimp on your nightly skincare, it’s the run up to Christmas. Night creams are ultra-rich in nutrients and also tend to be a little richer than day creams, which is essential for helping your skin to cope with the cold weather. 

A Good Cleanser

Blemishes are a common problem for us in the winter – all of those tempting sugar-filled treats, combined with heavier winter makeup, can contribute to spots, blocked pores and a complexion that’s less than gorgeous. By making sure you cleanse your skin thoroughly every night, you can help to keep spots at bay by removing oil and grime. 

The Right Serum

Cold weather, sweet treats and a few too many drinks at festive gatherings can lead to your skin looking dull, dehydrated and tired. A hydrating serum packed full of hyaluronic acid and antioxidants like vitamins E and C, is essential to help keep your skin looking fresh and smooth. 

A Good Night’s Sleep

Unfortunately just because there are all kinds of exciting parties to go to and loads of good shows to watch on the TV, a full night of beauty sleep is still essential for great skin. Your skin renews itself and recovers from the day while you sleep, and there really is no replacement. Try to go to bed and get up at the same time every night, and start a good bedtime routine so that you can drop off more easily. 


Of course, if you really want to give your skin the best chance at looking fabulous all through the festive season, you should look into booking a course of facials. SkinBase Microdermabrasion facials are the ideal choice because they work in several different ways to deliver radiant, smooth and blemish free skin.

How does it work?

Microdermabrasion works by passing a fine jet of abrasive crystals over the skin which removes layers of dead skin and grime, to deeply cleanse the skin, leaving it feeling soft and clean. This is vital for great skin because it keeps blemishes at bay and prevents dry patches from forming and ruining your foundation. The second benefit of MD is that it stimulates the circulation, which gives your skin a healthy glow. No amount of foundation and festive makeup can distract from a dull complexion, but with MD, you don’t need to worry about that anymore because your skin will be radiant and healthy looking. And finally, Microdermabrasion stimulates collagen production, for plump, smooth, youthful skin. Whatever the festive season throws at you, a course of Microdermabrasion will make sure that your skin looks wonderful for it. 

Image:istock.com/VOLHA RAMANCHUK

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