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Kindness Day

Celebrate World Kindness Day on 13th November

World Kindness Day is on 13th November each year, and we think it’s a beautiful day! It gives us the opportunity to make the world a better place by celebrating and promoting good deeds and acts of kindness. Here are some ideas – why not put some kindness out there into the world?!

Do a Good Deed

If you are able to, do a good deed! Maybe someone you know is in need of a little cheering up? You could join an organisation that specialises in giving something back to the community. Why not offer to do a spot of gardening for an elderly neighbour? Making others feel good is a sure-fire way to boost your happiness too.  

Donate to a charity 

You could use World Kindness Day to give a little back to a charity that’s close to your heart. This could be anything from Children in Need to a local charity that helps those in need in the community or one that has impacted you directly. 

Simply smile 

While we should be spreading good cheer all year round, World Kindness Day is the perfect reminder to flash a smile at anyone you come into contact with. We never know what is going on in someone’s life. It may just brighten up their day!

Pay it forward

Paying it forward is a great way to spread a little kindness. Pay for someone’s coffee and ask them to pay that kindness forward to someone else. It’s a great way to spread that good feeling!

In the UK, Kindness Day is organised by Kindness UK, a not for profit organisation and was launched on 13th November 2010 and has continued to grow in popularity every year. If you would like to get involved in World Kindness Day you can pledge a good deed and also find a wide range of resources including ideas for random acts of kindness both large and small on the Kindness UK website; www.kindnessuk.com. 

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