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Beauty Essentials

Beauty Essentials You Should Never Leave Home Without

In an ideal world, it would be wonderful if makeup and beauty products really did last as long as they claimed to and didn’t require topping up throughout the day. Let’s face it, there is always a need to do a few retouches when out and about. Whether you need some lip gloss to top up your shine or concealer to cover up that spot, we’ve pulled together the top essentials that you should pop into your bag before you head out the door. 

Top 3 Items to Never Leave Home Without

1. Lip balm or lipstick

How many times have you been out and wished you had your lip balm with you? Grabbing a lip balm before leaving home to hydrate and moisturise your pout is a must. If you prefer a more glam look, pack the lipstick instead!

2. Concealer

Spots can pop up out of nowhere, and at any time! So, our advice is that you should always keep a concealer with you in case you get an unwanted blemish. Even with the perfect makeup application, after a few hours into your day, those dark circles might appear, or a spot might rear its head. So be sure to keep a concealer with you always to hide those blemishes.

3. SPF

If there is one product that can single-handedly make sure your skin is still looking amazing into your later years then it is SPF. Don’t go anywhere without it and wear it every day to protect skin from the effects of the sun.

4. Blotting papers

If you’ve got oily skin like us then this beauty product is our saviour to get rid of excess oil on the face and keep our skin looking fresh.


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