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bad makeup choices

How to avoid bad makeup choices which add years to your age

Do you look in the mirror and see someone older than your years? If so, it could be that you are making some bad makeup choices that age you. But don’t worry, we’ve pulled together a list of the worst makeup crimes so caked on concealer and runny mascara get the heave ho!

Over-plucking/ waxing of brows

One of the most common makeup mistakes that can really age you is the over-plucking of brows – you know what we are talking about ladies, when brows are too thin and have that ‘surprised’ look! This common mistake can actually age you a lot. The best way to overcome this is to make sure you know what ‘too’ thin is for your face and also ensure, whenever possible, that you go to a professional to get your brows waxed or plucked!

Thick and cakey concealer

Too much concealer is a big no-no if you want to appear youthful. If your concealer looks caked onto your skin and makes your skin appear unnatural then that’s a total makeup mistake – (which actually refers to any age)! A solution to this is making sure that your concealer is light and airy, instead of thick and cakey!

Runny mascara

Runny or smudged mascara is something that can’t always be avoided and you can’t always control. For example, your mascara may get wet and therefore smudge or the heat and humidity can also wreak havoc. But, you may be surprised to know that a lot of women do not actually check their mascara before they leave the house in the morning, so they could have some smudges and little black lines. Combat this by giving your makeup one final check to make sure all is where it should be! Also, waterproof mascara can work wonders!

Wrong foundation shade

One common makeup mistake that ages you can be just picking the wrong shade of foundation. The foundation shade that you choose should completely match your skin colour. It should really be all natural and should never show through. If your neck is a different colour in comparison to your face, there is a problem ladies!

OTT powder

Do you have those days when your skin just feels super cakey and heavy? It could be because you have a bit too much powder on your face! If you lighten up on the powder and go with something mineral, it could really make your face seem more youthful and brighten up your entire complexion!


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