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How to choose the right foundation for your skin…

Foundation is called so, for a reason. After all, get your foundation right and the rest of your makeup will look much better. There’s nothing worse or more obvious than when someone gets foundation wrong. Cakey and orange ring a bell? The point of foundation is to help your skin look its best, not to look like you have loads of layers of makeup on. So, without further a do, let’s get started…

Picking the Best Foundation for your Skin Type

We are all individuals, and that includes our sin type. The first step is finding a foundation that is right for you and your skin type. Tinted moisturiser doesn’t always offer as much coverage as a foundation, but then on the other hand, there is no need to choose a heavier foundation if your skin doesn’t need it. Oil-free foundations are the best for your skin if it is oily or the weather is particularly hot and humid, so with summer coming up might be time to invest in one.

Matching a Shade to Your Skin Tone

There are loads of suggestions on how to match foundation to your skin tone but one of the best tricks is to match it to your chest – especially if you’re good at protecting your face and neck with SPF. The back of your hand is also good to test foundation and if you don’t trust the store lighting, then walk outside. Also, why not try mixing colours? I often use two different foundation colours for winter and summer, and mix them together in-between those two seasons.

How to Apply Correctly

Always make sure your face is properly moisturised before applying foundation. You’ll also be best to exfoliate prior to applying any products if your skin is on the drier side. If your foundation or moisturiser doesn’t have SPF in it, make sure you apply sunscreen before putting your makeup on too. Then, place the foundation in the palm of your hand and gently warm it up before sweeping it across your face and neck using a foundation brush or clean fingers (which are just as effective in my opinion and I actually think are better for hitting hard-to-reach spots). When applying your foundation, don’t forget about the bit where your neck meets your jawline!


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    So now you’ve got your foundation sorted, we thought this blog from Who What Wear will give you inspiration on how to look your best in photos – something I always struggle with! But with your new found make up confidence, it’s time to pose!

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    We love this blog from Cloudy With A Chance Of Wine which is packed with even more top tips on foundation and online tutorials. Soooo much inspiration to be had!


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