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3d lifting cream

3D Lifting Cream – Packed with nature’s most powerful ingredients

This cream really works! It’s 99.9% organic & contains some of the most expensive & effective ingredients on the market. The 3 main active ingredients have been PROVEN for their anti-wrinkle activity: 

Argan Oil

3D Lifting contains 100% pure Argan oil. This super expensive natural ingredient is renowned for its anti-ageing effects. It is packed with goodness for your skin including vitamin E, ferulic acids, essential fatty acids, carotenoids, anti-oxidants, sterols, and saponins to nourish, moisturise & turn back time. 


– nicknamed the ‘alternative to botox’ is a hibiscus seed extract. It temporarily stops muscle contraction but is completely natural, safe & temporary so there is no chance of your face becoming frozen. 

It is PROVEN to be a suitable organic alternative to botox injections & to smooth expression lines & increase anti-wrinkle activity. 

Ultra Filling Spheres

Instantly absorb into the superficial layers of the epidermis & allow water uptake by swelling even more rapidly. They help to fill deep wrinkles & expression lines without resorting to cosmetic surgery. The ultra filling spheres in 3D lifting are 4th generation & have been proven to plump skin up to 4 times better than previous generations of spheres in other face creams. 

We are including FREE gift wrapping at the moment with all purchases – looks good and saves you a job too!

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