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Those that Microderm together stay together

We’re sure there are some other factors to a successful marriage but it’s got to help, right?! But, in all seriousness, our therapists tell us their clients are so happy with the results from a course of treatments that for some the results are life-changing. If you have always felt self-conscious about your skin, then it really is about time you do something about it!There is a solution out there for everyone, it’s about finding out what is causing your skin issues and working out a plan to get the change and results that you crave. We really recommend you visit a skincare expert for a thorough consultation and treatment plan recommendation but in the meantime here is a bit more about the SkinBase treatments, what they can help with. We can’t wait to see your transformation. Go and find your nearest SkinBase therapist right now. Go!


This treatment is great whatever your skin condition. It works by exfoliating away the old dead skin cells to reveal the fresh, new skin beneath. It’s great if you have congested skin, blackheads, blocked pores, spots and uneven skin tone. A full course of treatments can help with concerns like fine lines & wrinkles, stretch marks, pigmentation and acne & acne scarring.


There are a number of treatments available with IPL. Let’s take a look at them…

Permanent Hair Reduction

That’s right, permanently get rid of those hairs, now this might not have obvious connections to your skin concerns but if you suffer from ingrown hairs then IPL can help by getting rid of the hairs. Also, any hair growth during your course will be much finer so a double whammy to get rid of those awful bumps and skin irritation caused by ingrown hairs and stubble rash.

Photorejuvenation Treatment

Photorejuvenation is the treatment of photo-ageing which includes wrinkles, pigmentation and age spots. A powerhouse of a treatment designed to rejuvenate skin for a glowing, youthful complexion.

Vascular Lesion Treatment

This treatment can help with; campbell de morgan spots, thread veins, broken capillaries and rosaceaIt works by emitting wavelengths of light that are filtered to target the haemoglobin in the thread veins/broken capillaries. The treatment causes the vein to gradually break down over a number of days until it has disappeared. 

Acne Treatment

My favourite IPL treatment as I have actually seen and felt the benefits for myself. Honestly, this was a game changer for me and safe to say, besides the odd breakout my acne days are over! IPL for acne uses light pulses to target the

Collagen Lift

Great if you are starting to feel your age like me! If your skin is starting to show the signs of ageing; wrinkles, sagging, dull complexion then Collagen Lift is perfect. It can be used on the face and the body so whatever areas need a lift or smoothing effect will benefit. It feels lovely too, a warming wand massaging the skin, perfect especially at this time of year!image:istock.com/Studio4

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