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The WORST things for dull and tired skin (and how to tackle it!)

Whenever we notice changes in our skin, it’s time to take note. Just as spots and blemishes can mark hormonal changes or highlight a lack of dietary requirements, dull and tired skin is also a marker of external and internal problems.

Look closer and it’s really no wonder our skin is feeling the pressure. We work long hours making it difficult to manage a personal life, we are sleep deprived, don’t have time to exercise – all while living in a polluted and stress-filled environment. These conditions deplete energy from the body and take their toll our skin too, leaving it matte and muted.

Here are some of the main reasons we suffer from dull skin, and a few top tips on how to stop them…

The Worst Things for Dull & Tired Skin

Sugar and simple carbohydrates

Sugar creates an unhealthy cycle. Grab something sweet, your blood sugar spikes, and you get a temporary surge of energy. Very quickly though, your blood sugar plunges beneath where it was before and suddenly you feel exhausted, grumpy, and can’t concentrate. So you go for something sweet again.


Reaching for coffee, tea and sugary pop offers a temporary lift followed by a much longer drop. Caffeine’s diuretic effect further dehydrates your body and depletes your skin.


Smoking is one of the worst kinds of environmental damage there is because the burning toxins are literally in your face, up close and personal.


Whether outdoors or in a sun bed, even if you don’t burn, all tans are damaging to your skin and to your health. If you can’t live without the glow, self-tanners are both cosmetically pleasing and safe.

The WORST things for dull and tired skin (and how to tackle it!)

Some added extras – help reduce dull and tired skin…

Slip into a lavender-induced sleep

A couple of drops of lavender on a tissue and placed in pillowcase is great for insomniacs.

Stamp out sugar

It’s time to start cutting back on those sugary treats. Sugar in your diet accelerates glycation (the end products of which have been scientifically proven to compromise collagen production, decrease cell turnover – resulting in wrinkling, loss of elasticity, stiffness, accelerated aging and compromised barrier function).

Magical magnesium

Magnesium is the forth most abundant element in your body and stressed, tired skin needs it in order to increases circulation and cell energy deliverance.

Be nutritious

If you MUST smoke, ensure that you’re taking adequate supplements to help restore the damage being done. Vitamin C and E is vital, both topically and internally. Ensure that your diet is rich in nuts, fish (salmon and tuna are best) and royal jelly. Your body DOES not make essential fatty acids naturally, it is only consumed through foods we eat!

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