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SkinBase TV Advert

SkinBase advertise on TV – We’re telling the world!

SkinBase advertise on TV

Exciting news to announce this week, SkinBase advertise on TV. All month in fact. We’re on TV! We hope you guys already know all about SkinBase facials but we needed to make sure the rest of the Country were in on this not so well kept secret too. Our very own TV advert aired for the first time this Tuesday. You can watch it here. Let us know what you think!

Book a facial

Don’t forget to book yourself a SkinBase facial. If you aren’t sure where your nearest therapists are you can find out here. It’s a New Year and if you are anything like us you need a holiday to get over Christmas. But that’s not going to happen (for us anyway) so we are just treating ourselves to some relaxing facials. MD for a deep clean and to get the blood pumping for that SkinBase ‘glow’, find out more here. IPL photorejuvenation for just general all over youthfulness (well heck, why not) and our newest treatment SkinBase RF to lift our sagging face back where it used to be 10 years ago, a tough ask we know.

Give your body a helping hand

Of course here at SkinBase we are advocates of leading a healthy lifestyle. Although SkinBase treatments are very effective they are even more effective in conjunction with a good skincare regime, plenty of exercise (a brisk walk is a good start), healthy eating, plenty of sleep and drinking lots of water. Our skin is the largest organ in the body and our bodies are about 50-70% water so it makes sense that our skin can be so affected by how much water we drink.

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