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Rescue remedies for sagging skin

Rescue remedies for sagging skin

Some aspects of ageing are great, we definitely care a lot less about what people think these days. We’re less happy about where our skin is heading and the general trend seems to be south. We knew we’d seen something about facial exercises before, so we decided to do a bit of research and find you the best facial exercises for toning. We’ve also been testing out our newest facial treatment, radio frequency, and we have to say, between that and the facial gurning something is definitely working. So here is our two-pronged attack on ‘sagging’ (despise that word) for you:

How to use facial exercises to firm up your skin

If you’re like many of us, you will know how to tone your muscles by regularly exercising and going to the gym – however this does nothing to help our skin, which can have a huge impact on our appearance. Over time, skin can sag, and this means that we may look older than our years unless we do something about it. So here are those exercises for you (let the gurning commence):

Firm up your forehead

Every time you show any emotion, it can show on your forehead, meaning that over time wrinkles could form. To help with this, you should practice raising your eyebrows. Hold your eyelids still with your fingers to get used to not moving them. You should raise your eyebrows ten times, and then move onto your forehead. Try and stretch the skin on either side towards your ears – not enough to be painful – and hold it for ten seconds. Do this a couple of times.

For eye bags

This is something that affects many people, particularly if you struggle to get enough sleep. Firstly, try raising your eyebrows as far as they can go, and then hold them for ten seconds. Then use your finger to stretch the underneath of your eye as far down as it will go. Repeating this, with both eyes, will help to firm the skin.

Your jawline

What do you do when you taste something bitter, like a lemon? This exercise starts by pulling in your cheeks and moving your jaw away from your mouth. Open your mouth slightly, and try to smile. This is great for exercising your jaw and should be done ten times.

Radio Frequency facial treatment plan

A non-surgical solution to ageing with no downtime. The perfect treatment for those image-conscious people looking to improve and maintain their appearance without surgery. SkinBase Radio Frequency remodels Collagen and elastin fibres resulting in a smoother, tighter appearance to the skin. Lie back and relax as a warm wand is passed over the skin, working its magic with sweeping and circular motions. A course of our popular facelift facial will help tighten, strengthen, contour and tone the skin for a more youthful appearance. Performed once a week for 6 weeks or twice a week for 3 weeks this treatment will stimulate collagen and elastin to firm and tighten skin for a more youthful appearance.


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