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Random Acts of Kindness Day – and It’s Our Birthday!

It’s our birthday and we are seventeen years young today! To celebrate we are spreading the love in honour of Random Acts of Kindness day. 

We are giving away one of our luxurious 3D lifting creams. All you need to do is head over to our Instagram page, give us a follow,  like our post, and tag a friend telling us know why they deserve a treat! We will pick a winner on Monday.

About 3D Lifting Cream

3D Lifting cream contains 3 key ingredients:

100% Pure Argan Oil

This super-expensive and effective natural ingredient has incredible anti-ageing compounds. Argan oil is harvested from the Argan tree, a species endemic to Morocco. It is full of Omega-fatty acids, Vitamin E and Linoleic acid. Together these ingredients work to moisturise, soften dry patches and even reduce acne. Known for its healing ability, Argan Oil contains tocopherols (vitamin E) which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  It won’t clog pores and helps to balance oily skin. It is suitable for all skin types.


Nicknamed the ‘alternative to Botox’, Myoxinol is a hibiscus seed extract. It stops muscle contraction but is completely natural, safe and temporary. Myoxinol is a suitable organic and natural alternative to Botox injections. It smooths expression lines and even increases anti-wrinkle activity.

Ultra-filling Spheres

These spheres help to fill deep wrinkle and expression lines. They capture 20% more water and plump up skin – which is up to 4 times more moisture than previous generations of spheres in face creams. The result is an instant ‘lifted’ appearance and protection from free radicals. 

With proven results you can expect your skin to be:

  • 68% more hydrated
  • 42% improved skin tone
  • 26% reduction in wrinkles

So be kind to yourself and order now. It would be cruel to your skin not to.

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