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Most of us have our morning daily skin care regime and ‘just before bed’ routine sorted, but have you ever thought about your post-workout skin habits? It all seems rather pointless, to have done such good work out in the first place to then neglect the skin post work out. Here we take a look at our top tips to keep the skin healthy and happy post your energetic spin class…

Skip the sunbeds

No doubt partly due to the tanned Geordie shore or Essex crew, promising to deliver an all year round bronzed body, sun beds are a permanent fixture in most gyms. The first step to healthy skin is to skip the sunbed. Not only are there cosmetic skin concerns, such as a risk of premature ageing and the onset of fine line and wrinkles, but they are proven to cause deadly skin cancer from the harmful UV radiation overexposure.

Skip the steaming shower

After cooling down, a steaming hot shower may seem like the perfect tonic for your sore, exhausted muscles. This could, however, spell disaster for your skin as a hot shower will dry out your skin, making it itchy and flakey. Stick to a warm shower and only use free-from, simple products that promote hydrated skin.

Moisturise your skin

After opting for a lukewarm shower to soothe your muscles, get into the routine of a post-shower moisturising to revitalise your skin. The best time to re-hydrate your skin is straight out of the shower when pores are open – this will leave the skin feeling super soft and invigorated.

Drink plenty of water

Don’t forget to rehydrate your body post workout too. Whilst exercising and sweating none stop, it is important to replenish and hydrate your body. As coffee fans ourselves at SkinBase, we know it’s hard to resist the urge, but coffee and tea and both dehydrating – and thus a skincare no-no – especially post-exercise.

Now you are fully equipped with all the knowledge to ensure your body is in tip-top condition and you also have the beautiful skin to match.

Have you got any more skincare tips?

SkinBase x

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