Last chance to vote – How do you rate the May Transformations?

The vote is open to decide who will win May’s £500 prize and become a finalist for SkinBase Transformation of the Year 2022.

We are nearing the end of May, which means one thing: voting is almost over, and we will soon crown the May winner. Voting ends at 8pm on Monday, so if you haven’t voted yet, what are you waiting for? Time is running out for you to decide which transformation is the best this month. Let’s take a look at who is in the lead.

Beauty by Lauren Turner

Currently in 1st place is Beauty By Lauren Turner with an incredible Collagen Lift transformation. The SkinBase Collagen Lift treatment is great for boosting the confidence of clients as you can use it on the face and body. With over 100 votes, clearly the public love how the Collagen Lift has tightened the skin on the thighs and toned and lifted the bottom. The client no longer feels self conscious and is now excited to wear a bikini on her holidays. If these fantastic results also have your vote, head over to the Facebook page before 8pm on Monday and give the picture a like. Both Lauren and her client are close to winning £500 each in retail vouchers.


SkinBase Transformation of The Year 2022

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Estheva Clinic

In second place is Estheva Clinic with another Collagen Lift transformation. Keep showing your support on the SkinBase Facebook Page and the SkinBase Therapist Group. Don’t forget that you decide who wins each month and gets to the final in December – use your power now! Andrea’s client had 4 Collagen Lift treatments on her face and neck. After just turning 50, she felt her face looked old and tired, and her confidence was low. The results are so impressive, and the entry has over 80 likes. Her skin looks tightened and smoother, and her face and neck rejuvenated. There is still time to vote if this is your winner, so do it now.



Following closely behind in third place is N2G with a treatment combination of Collagen Lift and Microdermabrasion. If this is your favourite transformation – don’t forget to vote. There is still time for anything to happen. Emma is blown away by the outcome. The affects of ageing and navigating menopause pushed her to start weekly Microdermabrasion treatments, followed by a couple of sessions of Collagen Lift. She had 4 MD treatments and 3 CL treatments and achieved fantastic results. Her skin is glowing, and her face is lifted brighter and tightened. She loves how subtle and natural the results are, and so do the public, with over 70 people voting for this entry.

N2G 1

To recap, Beauty by Lauren Turner, Estheva Clinic, and N2G are currently taking the top three spots for the Public Vote for May. To support their entries or pick a different favourite, head over to Facebook and vote – before it is too late!

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