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Are microdermabrasion results permanent

How to look after your skin following a Microdermabrasion treatment

If you’ve had a microdermabrasion treatment before then you are probably aware of most of the aftercare you should follow but you know… it’s easy to forget!

Here’s a reminder of our top aftercare tips for your microdermabrasion (MD) treatments in this video, it’s really important you follow the aftercare closely to avoid adverse reactions after treatment.

Stick to the aftercare

During an MD treatment, the top most layer of dead skin cells are removed which means the fresh new skin that has been revealed needs to be taken care of and protected.  Avoid anti-ageing creams or anything with active ingredients. Use a soothing product such as the SkinBase homecare cream with SPF which contains vitamin E helping to calm and regenerate skin and SPF to protect skin from UV.


As just mentioned, use an SPF (at least factor 15 but preferably factor 30) throughout a course to protect skin from UV. The freshly abraded skin is particularly susceptible to the elements.

The Aftercare

  • For 12 hours after: Try to avoid wearing makeup (if you really need to then  use mineral makeup as it doesn’t block the skin)
  • For 24 hours after: No swimming, facial waxing or applying fake tan 
  • Up to 48 Hours after: No saunas and avoid sun/UV exposure as much as possible. No botox, collagen injections or dermal fillers.
  • For 72 Hours: Do not use any anti-ageing creams, AHA’s, glycolics, retinol or exfoliating products.
  • At all times we recommend using an SPF (at least factor 15) and avoid UV exposure. Keep moisturising regularly to prevent your skin from becoming dry and peeling.

So to summarise: No heat. No UV. No chemicals. No injectables. Wear SPF 15+ and moisturise regularly!

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