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Difference Between Dry Skin And Dehydrated Skin

How Do We Tell The Difference Between Dry Skin And Dehydrated Skin?

If you have dry skin because it’s your skin type it means that you have a lack of sebum which is the oil that keeps your skin moisturised. If you don’t produce enough sebum your skin becomes dry. It will feel tight and it can appear dull and blotchy.

Looking after dry skin

If you have dry skin it is important to avoid harsh products. Only use creams and gels for dry skin types. 

Your diet can affect your sebum production. It’s best to eat more unprocessed and wholegrain foods such as brown rice and pulses. Vitamin B supplements might also help.

Dehydrated skin

Skin that is dry due to dehydration is also lacking moisture, but rather than oil, your skin is short of water. You might notice you have dark circles under your eyes and a sallow complexion. 

The good news is that dehydrated skin is fairly simple to rectify and usually only requires a few lifestyle changes.

The first step is to increase your liquid intake. Around two litres of liquid a day is advisable. Water is best, but any liquid such as tea or coffee, juices and soup also count. Decaffeinated drinks help to reduce your caffeine intake as it dehydrates your skin. Try and limit caffeinated drinks to less than four a day. 

Eating more fruit and vegetables, cutting out smoking and including some exercise in your daily routine will all help to ensure that your skin produces and retains the right amount of moisture.

Exfoliating the skin on your face with a treatment like microdermabrasion will go a long way to helping dry skin produce moisture. The gentle rubbing away of dead skin cells and the vacuum action encourage improved blood circulation and collagen production which in turn increases skin hydration and gives your skin a fresh, healthy glow. 


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