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Does microdermabrasion really help with pigmentation and skin blemishes?

Now fellow freckle sufferers out there (although suffer might be too strong of a word – I actually quite like mine!), I am sure you’ve been told, since you were young, that freckles are a sign of beauty. I must admit, I like to think that’s exactly what they are, but there are sometimes, we all want that airbrushed look that can only come from an even skin tone.

There are many people who suffer a variety of pigmented blemishes, not just freckles or ‘ephelides’ as they are known scientifically. Sunspots (solar lentigo’s) and pigmented birthmarks such as Café-au-lait macules and Becker’s naevi can also take their toll on our confidence.

There is a long list of factors which can cause these pesky pigmented blemishes such as genetic predisposition, sun damage, injury, irradiation, hormonal changes, the use of oral or birth control pills, pregnancy and even chemicals found in certain perfumes, soaps and shampoos – so no doubt we are all prone from time to time! If home remedies (I was once told lemon juice would rid me of my ‘little kisses from the sun’) and old wives tales just aint working for you, why not join the growing number of people giving miscrodermabrasion a go.

First things first though – many people are keen to know – can it really help? And, the good news is yes – regular microdermabrasion treatments are proven to show significant benefits as a skin pigmentation treatment.

The many benefits of The SkinBase Facial™ include:

  • It is a progressive rather than aggressive treatment – each session reaches deeper into the skin to lift facial pigmentation
  • Obvious smoothing of the skin
  • Can be used on any skin tone from light to dark
  • Whilst pigmentation on the face is the most common concern, SkinBase can treat numerous areas on the body
  • Provides effective, visible results from the very first session
  • Skin is left feeling smooth and youthful with the added benefit of reducing skin blemishes

The SkinBase Facial™ will ultimately act as a treatment for your pigmentation, although the final result and the number of treatments depends on a number of factors including the type of lesion, skin type, the degree of sun tan, size and depth of the vessels and the location to be treated. Your SkinBase therapist will advise you on the number of treatments during your consultation session.

Don’t just take our word for it though; why not take a look at the SkinBase videos to see how others benefited from the SkinBase Facial as a pigmentation treatment to remove facial pigmentation and skin blemishes.


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