Are you Embarrassed by the Condition of your Feet?

It is easy to forget about the condition of your feet when they’re covered by socks and shoes all winter. Get your feet ready for summer!

It is easy to forget about the condition of your feet when they’re covered by socks and shoes all winter. Foot problems are common in winter. Issues likes cracked heels, chilblains and athlete’s foot all rear their ugly heads. The good news is it is never too late to get your feet sandal-ready for summer.

Once your feet emerge from their winter hibernation, it is wise to check for any problems that may need to be treated. If dry cracked heels are the main problem, it is time to book yourself a SkinBase Microdermabrasion Pedicure.


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MD Pedicure

This is the ideal foot prep for summer. A SkinBase Microdermabrasion pedicure will buff up those heels to give you feet to be proud of.

This relaxing but effective pedicure sloughs away all the dead skin build-up.  It stimulates circulation at the same time. Then some cuticle work, a massage and polish and you will be ready to make a summery statement. Your feet will feel softer and the condition of your feet will be renewed.

Maintain Fancy Feet

Our poor feet take our weight all day every day. The good news is you can have this treatment as often as every two weeks – especially during summer. Wearing flip-flops and sandals leave us with drier skin than usual. Sit back and relax while one of our therapists works their magic. Don’t hesitate to treat your feet as you would your face.

Maintenance and care at home is simple. Invest in a good foot cream and get massaging.

Go barefoot as often as possible and put those feet up at the end of the day so the blood flows back up towards your heart.

It is never too late to buff up those feet for sandal season. Book now and before you know it, you will be ready for some fancy footwork in the sun.

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