5 Ways to Get Amazing Skin…

Taking care of your skin can be difficult with so many factors to consider. Give your skin its best chance by caring for your body – inside and out. Here are five ways to get amazing skin and keep it glowing! 

get amazing skin

Taking care of your skin can be difficult with so many factors to consider. Give your skin its best chance by caring for your body – inside and out. Here are five ways to get amazing skin and keep it glowing!


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(1) Healthy Diet 

Healthy nourishment from within is key to achieving amazing skin. The foods that you eat contribute to your complexion as nutrients are used during the cell renewal process. Nutritious food is required to support the turnover of skin cells, ensuring the process is as efficient as possible. A rainbow-coloured diet, full of fruit and vegetables, will put you on the path to achieving amazing skin. Some helpful tips below:

  • Beta-carotene: essential for a healthy glow and normal cell development, found in orange fruit and vegetables. Pack your diet full of carrots, pumpkins and sweet potato.
  • Vitamin C: supports the immune system, helping heal blemishes and give the skin a glow. Sources of Vitamin C includes blueberries, strawberries and kiwi.
  • Lutein: key for a healthy skin tone and normal cell development, lutein can be found in spinach, kale and papaya.

(2) No Smoking

Smoking is a big barrier to achieving healthy skin. The act of smoking deprives the skin of oxygen and nutrients, while also triggering increased melanin production. Nicotine degrades collagen within the skin. Therefore, smokers may appear paler, or suffer from pigmentation issues, while also dealing with reduced firmness and sagging skin. Wrinkle formation also differs in smokers, due to the consistency of pursed lips and squinting. Quitting smoking is the best way to achieve amazing skin, as collagen production can restore, and circulation will improve. Studies also suggest smoking may reduce anxiety and stress levels, which is another key factor in achieving a glowing complexion.

(3) Manage Stress 

High levels of stress hormones within the bloodstream negatively affect processes within the body, resulting in skin problems. Cortisol affects immune cells, exacerbates existing skin conditions and triggers inflammatory responses within the body. Acne sufferers, for example, may notice more frequent breakouts when stressed due to increased oil production. There are a few things you can do to minimise stress levels and achieve amazing skin:

  • Make time to do the things you enjoy
  • Get enough sleep
  • Boost those feel good endorphins with exercise

(4) Stay Protected in the Sun

Sun protection is another key to having healthy skin. If you think that glowing skin requires a sun tan – you are doing more harm than good! Stick to fake tan, and stay protected. Excess sun exposure is a huge factor in premature skin ageing, with up to 90% of physical symptoms attributed to UV radiation. If you want to prevent fine lines and wrinkles for as long as possible, and keep your skin looking as good as it can be, wear SPF 30+ daily. You can also avoid the sun during peak hours (between 11am and 2pm) and wear protective clothing, such as a sun hat.

(5) Be Gentle 

A gentle approach to skincare is necessary to achieve amazing skin. Minimalise your skincare routine, and incorporate products with soothing ingredients. The SkinBase Essentials set is a great place to begin, with gentle, vegan-friendly ingredients. When using your skincare, there are a few gentle rules to follow:

  • Use lukewarm water! Hot or cold water is too harsh, and will strip natural oils while drying out the skin.
  • Ensure you are circling product into the skin with your fingertips (not scrubbing!) to avoid irritating the skin.
  • Pat the skin dry with a towel – rubbing or wiping can also affect the levels of natural oils on the skin!

That is everything you need to know! Implement these 5 tips into your day to day life to get amazing skin. Remember – it can take days to weeks to see changes you make affect your skin, so stay consistent and don’t give up.