Transformation of the Year Finalists Recap

It’s November, and the very last month to get in those entries to be crowned Transformation of the Year 2022. Let’s take a look at some of the previous winners who have already made it to December’s final. 

It’s November, and the very last month to get in those entries to be crowned Transformation of the Year 2022. Let’s take a look at some of the previous winners who have already made it to December’s final.


SkinBase Transformation of The Year 2022

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Finalist: Bella Vita Beauty Salon

Treatment: Microdermabrasion

April’s Therapist Choice winner was this fabulous Microdermabrasion Transformation. Vikki’s client had 12 Microdermabrasion sessions to resurface her skin, minimise visible sign of ageing and smooth her skin. Here’s what she had to say:

“I am over the moon with the results from my microdermabrasion facials. I knew my skin was in a better condition after the 12 weeks of having a facial every week because of how it felt and by the compliments I kept receiving from people. However, looking back at the very first picture before I started the facials, I am completely blown away by the results. I am so happy and would recommend these facials and Vikki to everyone.”

If you want to treat your skin with a course of Microdermabrasion, find your nearest therapist here.


Finalist: Morgan’s Beauty Therapy

Treatment: Collagen Lift

This fabulous Collagen Lift entry won the therapist vote right back in January when the competition was launched. Everyone was so impressed with the results that finalist Morgan and her client had achieved with just 4 SkinBase Collagen Lift treatments. The client wanted to treat the excess skin on her tummy and promote some tightness and firmness. Despite trying exercise and dieting, she could not seem to find anything that helped. As a result, her confidence was very low, forcing her to wear non revealing, baggy clothing.

The client was so happy with the entire Collagen Lift process as Morgan was informative gave her a thorough consultation and talked her step by step through the treatments. She was so impressed with the difference in the laxity and appearance of her skin, and shocked at what a difference the treatment made. She now feels so much more confident in her body, and is so happy she had the treatments.

Find out more about how Collagen Lift can benefit your skin here.


Finalist: Skin Tip

Treatment: Intense Pulsed Light 

A fabulous combined IPL winner from June. The client had 3 IPL Rejuvenation treatments and 3 IPL Vascular Lesion treatments to treat a whole host of problems. She was suffering from rosacea, thread veins, sun damage and acne scarring, and had unsuccessfully tried to treat it in the past. As a result, she resorted to wearing heavy makeup daily to cover up her skin. She visited Beatrice at Skin Tip feeling hopeful that The SkinBase IPL would make a difference, and it definitely did.

She was amazed with what she achieved, and the new appearance of her skin. As you can see, the treatment has transformed her skin tone, texture, and redness. She now wears the most minimal of makeup most days as her skin has never looked so good. She is so happy to have a rejuvenated complexion – and to be a SkinBase Transformation Of The Year finalist.

If you want to treat your skin with a course of IPL, find your nearest therapist here.


Finalist: Pamper Treat Repeat

Treatment: Microdermabrasion

SkinBase Microdermabrasion is ideal for treating acne prone skin, as shown by this fabulous winning entry from September. Hollie’s client had a course of weekly microdermabrasion treatments for 6 weeks, followed by 6 more treatments every two weeks. Here’s what she had to say:

“I started having Microdermabrasion due to really bad skin flare ups that would be a mixture of spots, welts and boils with terrible dry skin around the nose area. It was painful and totally destroyed my self confidence, stopping me leaving my house as I felt hideous. I was so nervous and self conscious going but my father supported me. After a course of treatments my skin was glowing. It was clear, it was healthy and bit by bit my confidence came back. I have kept up with regular microdermabrasion with Hollie and now I can walk around make-up free having good skin. It literally gave me my confidence to get my life back and speak to people again. I love my skin and will always have microdermabrasion to keep it in this condition.”

Find out more about how Microdermabrasion can benefit your skin here.


Finalist: Katherine Monique Beauty 

Treatment: Collagen Lift 

Collagen Lift is a versatile treatment that provides excellent results across the whole body. Katherine’s client said she had a tendency to complain about her “wrinkly, shrivelled” upper arms, so she treated herself to 6 sessions. She enjoyed how comfortable the treatments were and the relaxing warmth of the wand, and noticed improvements from the very first session. A fantastic finalist entry.

After completing her course of treatments and looking back on the before and after images, she was wowed by her end results. The lines and wrinkles across her skin were much smoother and less noticeable, and her arms was much firmer than before. Her aim when beginning treatments was to be able to wear scrappy tops with confidence, and she has definitely achieved that.

If you want to treat your skin with a course of Collagen Lift, find your nearest therapist here.


Finalist: Serenity Health and Beauty

Treatment: Intense Pulsed Light 

7 sessions of SkinBase IPL Hair Reduction allowed Marianne and her client a finalist spot and the chance to win a Caribbean holiday. Her client is thrilled with the treatment and her results, here’s what she had to say:

“Having my IPL done with Marianne at Serenity has been amazing. I really have noticed a difference with my hair growth under my underarms. I barely have anything now. It definitely is now a game changer with me being a swim teacher and having to get waxed every 4 weeks. I don’t need to worry about my underarms and having to let my hair grow so that I can get waxed. Just being hair free under my armpits makes me feel more confident. I would highly recommend getting it done especially with Marianne, she is very professional and welcoming. It makes going to get my treatment very enjoyable and relaxing as it is pain free. I am now thinking of getting my bikini line done next!”

Find out more about how IPL can benefit your skin here.


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