Top 3 September Transformations

September was full of fabulous entries to the Transformation of the Year Competition. Let’s take a look at the top 3 September Transformations. Who will go through to the final? You decide.

September was full of fabulous entries to the Transformation of the Year Competition. The public and our SkinBase therapists have been voting for their favourite September Transformations for the past week, and your winners have been crowned. Pamper Treat Repeat and Katherine Monique Beauty have been battling it out for the therapist’s vote to get one step closer to the final in December. The public have also been supporting Pamper Treat Repeat’s fantastic acne transformation, and Serenity Health and Beauty’s unwanted hair reduction. Let’s take a look at the top 3 September Transformations.


SkinBase Transformation of The Year 2022

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Collagen Lift Transformation

Katherine Monique Beauty


Kat’s client had a course of 6 Collagen Lift treatments focused on the wrinkles around her eyes, and deep lines by her mouth. She felt they were making her look aged and unhappy, and wanted to achieve a brighter, more youthful glow. She is very pleased with her results and has noticed a definite improvement in her skin. Her lines have minimised, making her skin look plumper and smoother. She looks and feels much happier, and is thrilled that she booked a course of SkinBase treatment.

We can see why the public are loving this transformation. If you would like to freshen up your own complexion, find your nearest SkinBase therapist here.


Collagen Lift

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Microdermabrasion Transformation

Pamper Treat Repeat


This fabulous transformation was achieved with a course of 12 SkinBase Microdermabrasion treatments. First, Hollie’s client had a treatment every week for 6 weeks. She then followed up with 6 treatments every two weeks and is now on a monthly maintenance programme of Microdermabrasion and Collagen Lift sessions. Now, the client loves her skin and will stick with Microdermabrasion to keep it in such great condition. Here’s what she had to say:

“I started having Microdermabrasion due to really bad skin flare ups. It was painful and totally destroyed my self confidence, stopping me leaving my house as I felt hideous. I was so nervous and self conscious going but my father supported me by driving me to the door of the salon. After a course of treatments my skin was glowing. It was clear, it was healthy and bit by bit my confidence came back and I started going for a coffee and cake after my treatments! I have kept up with regular microdermabrasion with Hollie and now I can walk around make-up free having good skin, it literally gave me my confidence to get my life back and speak to people again. I cannot thank Hollie enough for the professionalism and support – especially at the start as she really did put me at ease when my anxiety was really bad.”

A fantastic client testimonial and brilliant results! If you are suffering with acne and want help – find out more about SkinBase Microdermabrasion now.

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IPL Transformation

Serenity Health and Beauty


Unwanted hair can have a real effect on confidence and self esteem. As a swim teacher, Marianne’s client was very conscious of her unwanted body hair, and was spending lots of time on the waxing process. She had 7 sessions of SkinBase IPL on her underarms and is so pleased with her amazing results. Before, she would have to let her hair grow throughout the month so she could get it waxed every four weeks. This was impacting her confidence, and the treatment itself was causing her pain. She loved her enjoyable, pain free sessions with Marianne. Here’s what she thought:

“Having my IPL done with Marianne at Serenity has been amazing. I really have noticed a difference with my hair growth under my underarms. I barely have anything now. It definitely is now a game changer with me being a swim teacher. I now don’t need to worry about my underarms and having to let my hair grow so that I can get waxed. Just being hair free under my armpits makes me feel more confident. I would highly recommend getting it done especially with Marianne, she is very professional and welcoming. I am now thinking of getting my bikini line done next!”

If you want to switch from traditional methods to SkinBase IPL to remove unwanted hair, find your nearest therapist.

September Transformation Winners

3 fabulous transformations for September, showcasing the excellent results that can be achieved if you choose SkinBase. Find out who took the crown and got one step closer to a Caribbean holiday over on our Instagram page – @skinbase_facial.

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