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Spider veins

Spider veins – Can we treat them?

Thread veins, also known as spider veins, are a common problem. Lifestyle factors, sun exposure and ageing can all result in small visible veins appearing close to the surface of the skin. Whilst they are harmless, the appearance of thread veins can be alarming and cause insecurities, especially since they tend to occur in noticeable places like the face and legs.

Can we prevent them?

There are steps you can take to prevent thread veins, such as wearing sun protection every day on exposed parts of the body (especially the face). Regular exercise and eating a healthy diet that is rich in fibre and low in salt will help too. Avoiding too much alcohol and maintaining a healthy weight is also really important to prevent thread veins. Other things you can do include not sitting or standing for long lengths of time, avoiding high heels when possible, and avoiding tight clothing that constricts your body.

Can we treat thread veins?

Of course, it’s no good learning how to prevent them if you already have them! Intense Pulsed Light is an effective treatment for thread veins on the face and body. IPL can remove cherry angiomas if you have those too. IPL works by using high-intensity light wavelengths to target specific structures within the body. In the case of thread veins, IPL targets unwanted blood vessels. The light causes heat damage to the thread veins, which the body is then able to flush away, leaving you with clear skin again. The treatment doesn’t use chemicals or injections, just light and the body’s natural healing processes. Not only is IPL a non-invasive way to remove thread veins, it is fast acting and you may only need two or three treatments in total.

IPL treatments can be used to help improve a number of skin issues. Find out more about IPL treatments here.


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