How to Hydrate Skin and Get Your Glow Back

There are a number of ways you can introduce hydration back into your skin and get your glow back. Let’s find out what to do!

There are a number of ways you can introduce hydration back into your skin and get your glow back. When you are dehydrated it shows on your skin. When your skin is properly hydrated it is able to perform its function – by acting as a natural barrier to harsh elements. What are the best ways to hydrate skin and get your glow back?

Get Your Glow Back

Cleanse & Mask

Use a gentle cleanser. Anything harsher will strip the skin of even more natural oils, making it feel drier. For a gentle but effective cleanser look in the SkinBase shop at our SkinBase Gel Cleanser.  You can also try a face mask to get your glow back. Masks provide a great boost of hydration when you need it the most. Check out our Clay Mask vs Sheet Mask blog to decide which is best for you.

Hyaluronic Acid

Add a hyaluronic acid boost. Hyaluronic Acid is lightweight and easily absorbed. It has smaller molecules that can penetrate more deeply into the skin and provide better hydration. Incorporate a serum into your routine to lock in moisture. The SkinBase Collagen Lift Treatment triggers Hyaluronic Acid production. If you’re looking for help from a professional, find your nearest SkinBase Therapist.

Moisturise & SPF

Create a barrier of hydration with a gentle moisturiser. Apply to damp skin (after you have cleansed) for better absorption. Check out our SkinBase Hydration Max moisturiser – ideal to help you get your glow back. Stay protected from the sun to avoid UV ray damage. Add SkinBase Daily Protect SPF as an extra layer. SPF is the ultimate tool to keep skin hydrated.

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Hydrate From Within & Avoid Hot Water

Drink lots of water to hydrate from within. This will plump up the skin.  Avoid anything that dehydrates you (like alcohol and coffee) and avoid hot baths and showers. Piping hot water will strip the skin of more moisture. Always use luke warm water when washing your face.

Exfoliate Like a Pro

Don’t scrub the skin – if you need to exfoliate and unclog pores – leave it to a professional and have a Microdermabrasion facial. There’s no need to have dull dry skin this winter. Get your glow back by following our basic skincare and lifestyle tricks. Your skin will thank you for it.

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