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Monday morning blues

Monday morning blues? There’s only one thing for it…

Book yourself a facial! If you’ve never had a facial, we promise your mood will be absolutely transformed by the next-level pampering provided by our exceptional therapists. Just imagine, a whole hour of uninterrupted indulgence with luxurious products, provided by an expert who understands and cares not only about your skin, but about how you feel too. No emails, no kids, no deadlines. As soon as you step into your beauty therapist’s room, you can switch off and give your brain some seriously enjoyable downtime. And when it’s time to leave? You’ll feel relaxed and your skin will look rejuvenated; what’s not to love? Banish those Monday morning blues.

What treatments?

Obviously, we would recommend a SkinBase facial because not only do our therapists use high quality, effective skincare products, they also provide treatments using cutting-edge skincare technology. During a Microdermabrasion Facial you can lie back and relax knowing that your skin is going to look and feel fabulous afterwards – it’s everything you could want in a facial. Read more about Microdermabrasion here. But our therapists also offer a wide variety other amazing treatments – you can look forward to all kinds of indulgent and luxurious treats, which could include; detoxifying masks, anti-ageing dermaroller treatments and nourishing facial massages.

Try a massage!

Or if you’re already a happy Microdermabrasion customer, why not look into booking a full body massage, to complement the effectiveness of our facial treatments with a truly indulgent, relaxing experience? Massages are a fantastic way to boost your mood; they encourage the release of happy-hormones as well as relieving the muscle tension that comes from being stressed or working too hard.

Find your nearest therapist

Banish those Monday morning blues right now. Find your nearest SkinBase therapists here, and see what pampering treats they have to offer.


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