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Does microdermabrasion hurt

Does Microdermabrasion treatment hurt?

Does microdermabrasion treatment hurt? We get asked this a lot and we’re not sure why microdermabrasion has such a bad rep. We answer this and a few of the most common questions about microdermabrasion below:

Does Microdermabrasion treatment hurt?

We’re often asked, “does microdermabrasion treatment hurt?”. The answer is a resounding “NO!” This isn’t just a matter of perception, the treatment shouldn’t hurt if performed correctly. All SkinBase therapists are trained in the correct technique to ensure your comfort.

How does it feel?

The machine uses a vacuum action so it feels a little bit like someone is hoovering your face. Which is surprisingly pleasant! You will also feel the microdermabrasion crystals as they go over the skin. It’s hard to explain exactly how this feels but it shouldn’t be painful or scratchy.

Will I be all red after and need to take time off work?

Redness or ‘erythema’ is normal after microdermabrasion treatment. How red you go depends on many factors and some people won’t go red at all.  The redness will subside usually within a few hours, but it can take longer. As you become accustomed to the treatment,  you may find your skin looks less red each time. Keep hydrated and keep your skin cool and well moisturised. You definitely won’t need to take time off work.

I can’t have microdermabrasion, I’ve got sensitive skin,

You can! Reactions to the crystals are rare. The easiest way to find out is to have a  quick patch test to check suitability. In our experience, any reactions after treatment are from not following the correct aftercare. So stick to the advice given and you will be fine!

We hope that has helped to clear up any concerns. Does microdermabrasion treatment hurt? Most definitely not! Now go ahead and book yourself a treatment with one of our SkinBase therapists.

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