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MD Pedicure

Invest in Your Summer Feet With a MD Pedicure

At last summer has arrived! What better time to treat your feet so they are sandal ready? Whip those winter socks off and get to your nearest MD Pedicure therapist. Your feet will thank you for it!

Tired Feet

Feet bear the brunt of our body weight every single day. A cold winter can leave them feeling (and looking) rough and parched. The secret to flawless feet is to soften calluses and cracked heels. MD Pedicure does exactly this.

Treat Your Feet

Microdermabrasion’s magic is not only effective on your face. MD Pedicure sloughs away the hard skin build-up from winter, tackling those hard to treat areas like cracked heels. This wonder pedicure cleanses and softens your feet in a way a regular pedicure can’t. 

Your therapist uses a stream of crystals to loosen the top layers of dead skin cells. A vacuum then sucks up the crystals and dead skin. The new exposed layers of skin will be more able to absorb creams leaving your feet soft and silky.

Boost Circulation

Not only does a MD Pedicure remove all the hard skin, it also boosts your circulation and collagen production. This makes maintaining picture-perfect feet more manageable. All you have to do is keep up the moisturising with gentle foot massages. Tired feet benefit from massage which boosts blood circulation. 

Soft & Smooth

At last you can say good-bye to unsightly chapped skin – your feet will feel soft and smooth. You will feel relaxed and ready for action.

Summer Ready

Feet have a very important job to do all year round – but you no longer need to fear summer feet. This luxury treatment will give them all the TLC they need – leaving you to walk out with a spring in your step! 

Book your SkinBase pedicure treatment and you will be swept off your feet in no time.

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