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Stay On Track With Your New Year’s Goals

How To Stay On Track With Your New Year’s Goals 

If you’re wondering how to stay on track with your new year’s goals, you have come to the right place. The start of the new year is often the time for reviewing past achievements and failures, and setting resolutions. An estimated 2 in 3 people make resolutions in the new year. 25% of those goals are likely to have been given up already, and 55% more will be abandoned by just February. So, how do you avoid becoming the 80% who don’t achieve their goals? Let’s find out. 

How To Stay On Track With Your New Year’s Goals 

The most common resolutions for 2024 across the UK are health based, relating to fitness, weight loss, healthy eating and skincare. Health goals are often set in January. The temporal landmark of the new year provides us with the “fresh start” effect. It is much easier to adopt new habits and make life changes at natural transition points in life. There is no better natural transition than the beginning of a new year. However, despite the optimism of a fresh start, many goals are given up before Valentine’s day. There are various reasons why goals that seem so achievable at the beginning of the year are given up so soon. 


1. Resolutions aren’t specific enough 

Resolutions that are not specific enough are extremely unlikely to be achieved. Often, people set goals to “lose weight” or “eat healthier”. Without any indication of what it means to them to achieve this, they won’t. If your current resolutions are not specific enough, it is not too late. Adapt them and stay on track with your New Year’s goals. To do this, it is important to know exactly where your starting point is, how you wish to progress, and how you will know you are on track for success. Having specific goals and a timeline to stick to that will get you there is key in making the process achievable. 


Goal: Eat Healthier to Maximise Collagen Lift Results 

For example, if you are having a course of SkinBase Collagen Lift, and want to eat healthier to maximise your results, you need to define exactly what it means to you to eat healthier. Ask yourself: What is my current diet? What can stay? What needs to be swapped out? Creating a meal plan packed full of nutritious food to go with your Collagen Lift treatment plan is a great way to understand what you need to do to achieve your goals. To stay accountable, you could use an app to track your meals. You could even check in with your SkinBase therapist during your CL treatments. It has been proven that goals are more likely to be achieved when shared with someone you respect. 


2. Resolutions aren’t framed positively 

When making your goals specific, it is important that you consider the language you are using. Language can affect the actions you take, your self perception, and the motivation you feel to achieve your goals. You are unlikely to achieve negatively framed resolutions, regardless of how specific they are. “Eat less junk food in my evening meals” is likely to conjure up thoughts of junk food. On the other hand, “eat more greens with my evening meals” reinforces the positive behaviour that you do want to achieve. Therefore, bringing it to the front of your mind and increasing the chances of success. 


Goal: Achieve Healthy, Youthful Skin

During your consultation with your SkinBase Therapist, it is important to understand why you want to have the treatment, and the goals you want to achieve during the course. However, it can be easy to frame these goals negatively. If your 2024 skincare goals are to “stop looking old”, “minimise jowls” or “banish fine lines and wrinkles” it is likely what you actually want is to achieve a youthful glow, with lifted, smoother skin. Ultimately, it is important to remember that you want to feel change on the inside, and find the confidence to feel happy in your own skin. Framing your goals positively will help with the satisfaction you achieve at the end of your course. 


3. You didn’t need a fresh start

Fresh starts are wonderful for goal setting when they follow a period of disappointment or failure. However, if you have been successfully working towards your goals for some time, and have a record of past performances, it can be detrimental to see the new year as a reset, and can negatively affect future performance. 


Goal: Continue Achieving Healthy Skin 

It is possible you were already achieving your goals before the new year, by meticulously following a skincare routine or seeing results from a previous course of treatment. If you want to stay on track with your new year’s goals, it is important to see them as extensions of those previous successes. You are not making a resolution to achieve healthy skin, you are making a resolution to continue achieving healthy skin. If you saw further action as a complete reset in the new year, you are likely to be experiencing a slump, with a decline in achievements.


4. You weren’t ready to make the change

In order to achieve a new goal, it is important to remember what you are actually doing is changing an existing behaviour. Changing a behaviour requires a great deal of discomfort. Lasting change requires the state of discomfort to be maintained over a period of time. Therefore, to stay on track with your new year’s goals, you have to decide the goal behaviour is important enough to work towards every day. If you are not invested in the change, or are not ready for what it takes to get there, you will not be disciplined enough to change. 


Goal: Maximise Treatment Results

If you want to maximise your treatment results, you must be ready and prepared to make the necessary changes. You must invest the time and efforts required to do so. Adapting your lifestyle to fit in healthy habits, such as regular exercise, a nutritious diet and a consistent skincare routine may require a level of discomfort as the changes are taking place, but will be worth it for the end result. Remember this – and stay on track with your new year’s goals. 


Stay On Track With Your New Year’s Goals

Use these tips to stay on track with your new year’s goals – your future self will thank you for it! If you are struggling with peri-menopause symptoms, it can be even harder to stay on track. However, you can adapt your eating habits and exercise routine to help. 

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