How Can I Maximise My Collagen Lift Results?

Have you seen the fabulous CL before and after images, and are now wondering: how can I maximise my Collagen Lift results? Let’s find out!

SkinBase Collagen Lift is an effective skin rejuvenation treatment, perfect for tightening, toning, sculpting and firming the skin. You may have seen the range of fabulous results that have been achieved with the treatment, and be wondering: how can I maximise my Collagen Lift results? Let’s find out!

How Can I Maximise My Collagen Lift Results?

Our Collagen Lift radio frequency treatment has a range of benefits for the skin. However, healthy skin is an investment. You should ensure that you are not making detrimental choices while having a course of treatment, and beyond. Here are our top tips for achieving the best results.


SkinBase Collagen Lift works by heating the deepest layers of the skin with a ceramic wand conducting radio frequency energy. Hydration is a key tip to maximise treatment results as hydrated tissues conduct the waves of energy better. Therefore, the radio frequency can penetrate deeper and more effectively for the best results. Staying hydrated is also beneficial as Collagen Lift is a relaxing, heat-based treatment. The body must withstand the incremental increases in heat. Between treatments, drinking lots of water helps remove toxins from the body, prevents fine lines and wrinkles, and aids in the boosted production of hyaluronic acid.


Staying protected in the sun is the best way to minimise damage and signs of ageing,  and keep the skin healthy. If you are hoping for fantastic results from a course of Collagen Lift, you need to regularly apply SPF, and avoid UV exposure. You should also ensure you are keeping the skin moisturised, to avoid dryness or peeling. A soothing moisturiser, such as the SkinBase Hydration Max, is the perfect choice to maximise Collagen Lift results.

Healthy Diet

The ingredients that you put into your body are the building blocks for your skin. If you want super skin – you need superfoods. Avoid processed foods high in sugar to prevent signs of early ageing. Eating a healthy diet during a course of Collagen Lift will help to maximise the results you achieve.

Healthy Habits 

For the best results, the lymph drainage process and blood circulation must be working as effectively as possible. Cutting out detrimental habits, such as smoking and frequently drinking alcohol, is one of the best ways to ensure bodily functions are as competent as possible. Another key way to stimulate these processes is by engaging in frequent moderate exercise. Staying consistently active allows waste products to be removed, while distributing blood and nutrients around the body properly. This prevents the body from becoming stagnant and sluggish, allowing the best results to be achieved. As mentioned above, to help your body from the outside and maximise results, you should also ensure you are sticking to a daily skincare routine.

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