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hy have I had a breakout after microdermabrasion

Breakout after microdermabrasion? Help, why!

It can be frustrating when you start a course of microdermabrasion to get clearer skin, and after the first treatment, you end up with a new crop of breakouts. But don’t despair! It is absolutely normal for some people to experience this, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. 

Why have I had a breakout after microdermabrasion?

It might not feel like the best start when after the first MD treatment, you end up with breakouts. It is completely normal for some people to experience this, and it’s not a bad thing. Trust us! Here’s why…

Why have I had a breakout after microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion treatment stimulates cell renewal and draws out impurities from within your pores. This means that you could suffer what we call a ‘healing crisis’ which results in spots! But this is temporary and these breakouts are a sign that your skin is purging and rejuvenating.  The important thing is to persevere with the treatments.  Getting all that congestion out from beneath will result in clearer, smoother skin! Make sure you are following the aftercare recommendations too, these make a big difference.  If you are experiencing breakouts, here are a few tips for you…

Don’t touch!

We can’t stress this one enough, it’s essential you don’t pick your spots if you have a breakout after microdermabrasion, or ever in fact! Most people find any breakouts following treatment heal much quicker than normal. And breakouts will disappear without a trace if you leave them alone.  Touching and messing with spots can spread bacteria and cause even more issues. Have faith, trust the process, follow the aftercare.

Keep hydrated

Water is essential for your body and your skin. A layer of water, lipids and oil called the hydrolipidic film protects your skin. It’s mostly made up of sweat (water), lipids and sebum. A lack of water in the hydrolipidic film can cause your skin to compensates by producing more oil. Excess oil can trap dead skin cells, causing blocked pores and we don’t want that!

Gently does it

If you do have a breakout after microdermabrasion, it’s tempting to go at it with harsh cleansers, acids and rough scrubs, but don’t do it! But you will only irritate your skin. Instead, follow the aftercare advised by your therapist. Use gentle products on your skin. The SkinBase range is perfect and developed for use after microdermabrasion.


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