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Do you have very oily skin? Well you are not alone, take myself for example, I use oil-free products, toner, and wash my face every single day, sometimes even up to two or three times a day but the oiliness and that certain ‘shine’ just won’t go away. Not only that, but I suffer from regular breakouts. Sound familiar? Well this blog explores just how to banish the shine without losing your glow.

Many women, including me until recently, believe that because they have oily skin they should stay clear of oil-based products. But, you might be surprised to learn that more oil might be just what your skin needs…

Use a botanical oil-based face wash for cleansing your skin.

Now you may feel confused by this – what I have oily skin and you’re recommending an oil based cleanser? Surely not! Many of us have been trained to shop for “oil-free” products, but dermatologists actually recommend that this isn’t always the best rule of thumb to apply to every aspect of your face wash routine. The benefits of using a botanical oil-based face wash are numerous but above all else, botanical oils adhere to the sebum deep inside your pores and when the skin is rinsed with water both the sebum and botanical oil both get washed away!

Oil-absorbing ingredients within products is where it’s at.

Applying make up can be a nightmare when you’re prone to shine. So best thing to do is to kick off your beauty routine by applying a mattifying gel or lotion (primer). At night, try introducing an alcohol-free toner after you have washed your face and before you apply your night cream or moisturiser.

Breakouts after breakouts just aren’t any fun…

If you have oily skin, likely you will have regular breakouts, and let’s be honest, they are no fun for anybody. So… to help combat this, try applying a retinol exfoliate to limit oil production and unclog those pesky pores. Retinol makes the skin very sensitive to sun exposure so best applying this at night if you can or only occasionally in the morning if you are suffering a particularly bad breakout.

Don’t skip moisturising your skin.

Stripping the skin of its natural oils can actually encourage the skin to produce more oil, so it’s good to keep your routine balanced by applying a good moisturiser both morning and night.

Don’t underestimate the power of water!

Ohhhh we’ve said it before but please please please do not underestimate the power of water. Remember to drink plenty of it and this will help to keep your skin calm and properly hydrated.

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  • We love this blog from Beauty High about make up tips and tricks for oily skin – you’ll never let the shine stand in the way of you and beautiful makeup ever again!

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