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Eat less sugar

Healthy Habit 4 – Eat less sugar for better skin

How are you getting on with our healthy habits?

Quick recap if you’ve missed any so far (with links). Don’t forget we will have a downloadable guide for you to keep at the end too.

Healthy Habit 1 –  Drink 1.5 litres of water

Habit 2 – Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night

Habit 3 – Eat a diet as colourful as the rainbow

Healthy Habit 4 – Eat less sugar

This week’s healthy habit is to eat less sugar. Sugar is really bad for your skin. We mean really bad. Excess sugar in the body can, over time, cause collagen and elastin, our super duper youth enhancing skin proteins, to malform due to a process called ‘glycation’. Let us get this straight, you can’t stop this process. It’s happening to us all as we age but we can limit it by avoiding refined sugar and extra sugar that we just don’t need. For the sake of your skin ditch the sugary snacks.

Sneaky sugar

Some of the sugar we consume is hidden in places we just wouldn’t expect. Breakfast cereals, white bread, bottled sauces, pasta sauce, Granola cereal and fruit juices are a few examples. And of course the obvious places… sugar in tea, sugar on cereal and in fizzy drinks. Oh and all those other sweet treats like cake and chocolate!

We’re not saying avoid sugar completely and we aren’t trying to make people miserable following a strict no sugar diet. Pick your sugary treats wisely (chocolate is going nowhere from our lives). Try and avoid the unnecessary sugar, do you need that sugar in your tea? Follow healthy habit no.3 will ensure you get your nutrients, and sugar, from the right kind of foods.

Weaning yourself off

Sugar can quite literally become an addiction. You may find weaning yourself off the white stuff harder than you imagine (we know from experience). Stock up on healthy, sweet alternatives. Curb the cravings with these and try to remember the benefits to your skin by making these changes.

Act now!

The more research we do into skin health the more important we realise it is to take action immediately. It is difficult to undo some of the damage done to the skin later down the line. Some skin damage is irreparable and so it is easier (and cheaper) to start doing the right things now. Protect your skin with our healthy habits. You can then concentrate on maintaining and improve your skin’s condition with SkinBase treatments. Avoiding the need for more invasive treatments completely.


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