Does microdermabrasion hurt? We’re not sure where MD gets its reputation but it’s a popular misconception and concern for people looking into the treatment that MD is painful. We answer a few of the most commonly asked questions:

Is it painful?

We’re often asked ‘does microdermabrasion hurt’. A microdermabrasion treatment should not be painful if performed correctly and by a trained and qualified professional.

How does it feel?

The machine uses a vacuum action so it feels a little bit like someone is hoovering your face. Which is surprisingly pleasant! You will also feel the microdermabrasion crystals as they are buffed over the skin surface, this should feel exfoliating but not painful or scratchy.

Will I go red? Will I need to take time off work?

You may very well go red after a microdermabrasion treatment and this is perfectly normal. The redness or ‘erythema’ will normally subside within a few hours, keep hydrated by drinking lots of water and keep skin well moisturised. You definitely won’t need to take time off work. The following day you should expect to feel your skin positively glowing as the microdermabrasion treatment has removed all the old dead skin cells and stimulated collagen production. Make sure you get to work to receive all the compliments that will be coming your way.

I’ve got sensitive skin so I won’t be able to have this treatment

We hear this a lot, but actually, reactions to the crystals are extremely rare. A quick patch test on the inside of your forearm/elbow with the crystals will check suitability. The crystals buff the surface and don’t penetrate the skin so sensitive skin should be perfectly fine to have the treatment too.

We hope that has helped to clear up any concerns. Now go ahead and book yourself a facial with one of our SkinBase therapists.

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