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Ditch The Makeup

Ditch the Makeup – Book a Course of MD Now

When the weather heats up melting make-up is a common problem. Now is the time to fix your summer beauty routine by getting your skin in tiptop condition first. Ask any make-up artist and their best summer tip will be proper exfoliation and prepping skin with sunscreen.



Walking around in boiling sunshine means makeup often slips and slides. So rather prep your skin with a course of our award-winning Microdermabrasion. This will mean you can have a sweat-proof look and ditch the makeup!

Once you have the perfect skin base, choose lightweight products that will glide and stay on your skin. SkinBase SPF is perfect!


A microdermabrasion course is the perfect solution for summer-ready skin. It helps to:

  • Even out skin tone
  • Reduce / remove pigmentation
  • Improve the skin’s texture
  • Remove blackheads
  • Minimise pores
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles


MD is an effective way to exfoliate your skin without causing any damage. It also stimulates cell renewal. Going without makeup can have many benefits for your skin. Aside from clogged pores, taking a break from heavy foundation can help to rebalance your skin. 

A constant barrier of makeup can increase oil production. Not wearing makeup can decrease oiliness and pimples. Microdermabrasion will give your skin the right base. 

It is the best prep for your skin to be totally naked.

Other factors to consider:

  • Cut out toxins
  • Exercise
  • Eat beta-carotenes (sweet potatoes, apricots, mangoes and carrots)
  • Drink water

If you can’t bear to go bare, blend a light layer of tinted moisturiser or BB cream with SPF into the skin for a sheer but natural glow. Instead of looking matted and cakey your face will stay fresh all day long. 

Summer is the perfect time to ditch the makeup because your skin gets a natural glow from the sun.

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