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Preventing Pigmentation

Preventing Pigmentation During the Summer Months

Pigmentation, or specifically, hyperpigmentation (the darkening of the skin’s colour) happens when the melanocytes in the skin are triggered to produce more melanin to protect the skin. One of the main causes is UV. When the skin is exposed to UV, the melanocytes become more active and produce melanin to absorb UV. Hyperpigmentation commonly shows up on your face, arms, hands, neck, shoulders and chest.


You can help prevent hyperpigmentation by being careful in the sun and looking after your skin during the summer months. The best way to protect your skin from unwanted pigmentation is to wear sun cream. Use it every day, even in winter. An SPF30+ should provide the right amount of protection.  Get your SkinBase spf direct from our salon stockists, find your nearest therapist here.

Stay Protected Outside

It’s also a good idea to keep out of the sun altogether when it’s at its strongest. This is usually between midday and 3pm. If you are outside during this period, wear a hat and a cotton or linen top with loose sleeves. If you’re on the beach, find a shady spot to sit in until the sun feels less strong. Don’t forget if you go swimming to re-apply your sun cream.

Removing Pigmentation

If you already have pigmentation then microdermabrasion can help. This is a fast and painless procedure that exfoliates the very outermost layer of your skin. A course of facials at regular intervals of 7-10 days will help to work through the layers of the skin removing unwanted pigmentation. Sun spots will fade or disappear altogether leaving your skin looking refreshed and younger. Make sure to use a high factor sun protection during and after a course to prevent the pigmentation from returning.


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