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5 Habits Great Skin

5 Habits of People with Great Skin

Every good thing requires dedication. This is no different when it comes to the health of your skin. If having great skin is something you hope to achieve, it’s time to make some changes and adopt these 5 habits for healthy and luminous skin. 

Top 5 Habits for Great Skin 

  • Always remove makeup before going to bed

We’ve all been guilty of being so tired that we’ve just rolled into bed without taking off our makeup. But it’s so bad for our skin. Leaving makeup on overnight causes pores to become clogged and skin to breakout. It only takes a few minutes, so ensure you take the time to look after your skin before bed. 
  • Only wash your face with lukewarm water

Your face is sensitive to the elements, so washing it with water that’s either too hot or too cold can cause it to either breakout or become dry and flaky. This is why you should always use lukewarm water to gently wash your face. 
  • Hydrate from the inside 

Hydration is absolutely vital for the overall health of your skin. This is why drinking as much water and herbal teas throughout the day is essential. Keeping hydrated on the inside will work wonders for your skin. 
  • Moisturise daily

You should be moisturising your skin daily to keep it nice and moisturised. You don’t want dry and thirsty skin, so use a moisturiser suited to your skin type to ensure it’s hydrated and healthy. 
  • Maintain a healthy diet

What you eat really does affect the health of your skin. If you’re consuming sugary foods and drinks, it’s likely your skin will reflect that by being dull and even breaking out in spots. Cutting back on sugars and eating more vegetables, fruits and nuts can really improve the health of your skin.  image:istock.com/nensuria 

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