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3 Reasons Why dry January is Great for Your Skin

With festive nights out, fairy lights and sparkly tinsel a distant memory, it’s time to get back on the bandwagon and focus on your health and wellbeing for the exciting year ahead. For many of us, Christmas over-indulgence is usually a good prompt for dry January but adapting your diet to be healthier and stopping alcohol is also great news for your skin!

We’ve pulled together 3 top reasons why you should think about taking a break from the fizz and focus on the health of your skin. 

1. Alcohol is dehydrating

It’s no secret that alcohol is a dehydrating substance. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of experiencing a hangover, you’ll know this first-hand. If you drink alcohol frequently, you may notice that your skin is dry and dehydrated, and often, no amount of water can rectify that. To get your skin back on track, the best thing to do is to cut out alcohol or at least reduce how much you drink. You’ll be amazed at the glow you’ll get!

2. Alcohol is full of sugar 

Most alcoholic drinks are full of sugar, and sugar can be really tough on your skin. Alcohol with a high sugar content can lead to inflammation in the body, which can affect your skin quite significantly. Excess sugar in your diet can aggravate skin conditions such as acne and eczema. So, if you’ve been flaring up over the festive period and want to give your skin a break, cut out the alcohol. 

3. Skincare routines go out the window…

When under the influence, it can seem like a huge effort to take the time and remove your makeup after a night out. We’ve all been there! Falling into bed with your makeup on after a few too many is something we can likely all relate to. But as you may well know already, not removing your makeup before bed is the ultimate skin sin! When you’re asleep for hours, the residue of makeup will move into your pores and can cause bad skin, including spots and build up. It seems like an effort at the time, but taking your makeup off will really work wonders for your skin. 

Make the most of your dry January and book a course of microdermabrasion facials, remember to keep moisturised, and drink plenty of water.


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