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Spot Breakout

Why Have I Had a Spot Breakout After My MD Facial?

Not everyone will experience this after a microdermabrasion facial, but for those that do, panic can set in! However, this healing crisis is simply your body purging impurities and bringing congestion out to leave your skin feeling healthier.


It’s perfectly normal for your skin to be red (the technical term for this is erythema) after microdermabrasion due to the action of the crystals on your skin and the vacuum stimulating blood flow to the area. It will generally fade away in a few hours, keep well hydrated and well moisturised. 

Some people have more sensitive skin than others so you might also experience dry, flaky skin. This is the top layer of the epidermis coming away. Underneath this, you’ll find new, fresh skin. It will only last a few days and you can help it with regular applications of moisturiser.

Spot Breakouts

Spot breakouts, as we’ve said, occur because your skin is getting rid of the toxins blocking your pores. It means that your skin cell renewal is working.

If you do get a breakout try not to touch your face. Don’t be tempted to pick the spots either as this could leave a scar. Avoid harsh or abrasive products on your skin as these might cause irritation. Spots heal quicky after MD because the body’s wound healing response has been stimulated. So try not to interfere!

Drink Water

Drink plenty of water too. This will hydrate your skin and help the healing process. If you become dehydrated your skin will produce oil to make up for the lack of moisture. This means your pores will become clogged and your spots will get worse.

Microdermabrasion is a safe non-invasive treatment to exfoliate your skin and boost blood circulation which encourages collagen growth. Most people don’t get spots or redness, but if you do, don’t worry it won’t last and is a sign your body is getting rid of toxins and impurities under the surface. 

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