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Function of Collagen

What is the Function of Collagen?

Collagen is the main structural protein in the skin. It acts like scaffolding and provides volume. This makes skin cells strong and resilient. 


Collagen loss begins in our early twenties. After the age of 20 we produce approximately 1% less collagen each year! This leads to dry/thin skin, wrinkles and less elasticity. 

Environmental factors like sun exposure and pollution also break down collagen. Skin begins to sag and jowls start to form. 

The good news is help is at hand. Our non-surgical Collagen Lift facial tightens, tones and lifts your skin – helping your collagen to function properly again.


Collagen Lift helps to boost collagen levels. This non-surgical radio frequency technology is a natural but effective solution to tackle the signs of ageing. By heating the skin to stimulate a healing response, it uses the body’s own natural healing to turn back the clock. This treatment firms and tightens your skin as collagen matures.

You can look forward to increased muscle tone, a more defined jaw line and a reduction in fine lines.

Boost Collagen Naturally

To get the most from your Collagen Lift treatments, make sensible lifestyle choices to support the process. Diet plays an important role in the appearance of your skin and the function of collagen.

  • Limit sugar intake – products rich in sugar break down collagen
  • Wear sunscreen daily with a good SPF
  • Add lean protein to your meals. High protein foods contain amino acids that are important for collagen synthesis
  • Eat fresh fruit and vegetables. Vitamin C fights free radical damage – it is necessary to support the production of collagen. Think berries, citrus and tropical fruit
  • Try bone broth. Made from bones and connective tissue it contains essential amino acids and other minerals
  • Wear a hat to protect from the sun
  • Cut back on booze
  • Get beauty sleep
  • Quit smoking.

Unleash your glow from within. Results from a Collagen Lift facial can be seen immediately – you skin looks instantly tighter. You will continue to see improvements and results last for up to 2 years. What are you waiting for? Find a therapist.

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