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Weekly Transformations – Before and After SkinBase

Introducing our new weekly blog featuring the best of the week from our SkinBase salons! We receive so many tags for so many great results, we thought we had better make sure we share them all with you! If you have skin concerns that need solving then these weekly blogs are going to show you just what we can do for you.

Microdermabrasion Before and Afters

We’ve been doing this a long time and we still can’t get over the results we see! This treatment is just phenomenal. Look at how Jodi Brooks Beauty in Cheltenham has transformed this client’s feet with a course of microdermabrasion pedicures. Outstanding!

microdermabrasion pedicure

Collagen Lift

This treatment is amazing and we can’t train people fast enough to keep up with the demand!!! We’ve got a waiting list as long as your arm and salons are turning out clients looking years younger, just look at these results from Faces Skin Clinic in Liverpool. This lady has just started her course of facials so to say she is delighted would be an understatement. 

collagen lift before and after

IPL Before and Afters

Now think IPL, you probably think laser hair removal, and whilst SkinBase IPL is great for getting rid of unwanted hair, it’s also so much more!! SkinBase IPL is a medically CE certified system which can treat acne, photo-ageing (that’s sun damage and fine lines and wrinkles) and broken capillaries and rosacea.

This result  for acne treatment was sent to us by Sian Cleak Skincare based in Hertford. Sian is offering SkinBase IPL treatments for acne.

IPL acne

SkinBase salons near me

With over 2,000 SkinBase therapists scattered the length and breadth of the country we are pretty sure you can find someone close by to tend to all your beauty and skincare needs. Remember to give us your email address when you search for a salon if you want an exclusive 10% off products in our shop!

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