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Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning? Make Time for Great Skin!

Have you booked a professional make-up artist for your wedding day? That’s fantastic, and we know they’ll make you feel and look wonderful. But trust us when we say that they will thank you for investing in your skin before the big day.

Why? Isn’t a makeup artist enough?

Think of your skin as your makeup artist’s canvas; they need a smooth, even-toned surface to do their best work. The more imperfections and skin concerns you have, the more foundation, concealer and powder they will need to use to give you a flawless complexion. We all want to look fresh and glowing on our wedding day, but the more layers of cover-up on the skin, the harder it is to achieve a natural, radiant finish.

A facial will give your makeup staying power

Your wedding day makeup has to last for a very long time, and the more layers of foundation, the more likely it is to begin to look cakey and patchy as the day wears on. You’ll also be putting the makeup through its paces, with tears, laughter, photos and dancing, so investing in the skin beneath the makeup will really pay off, especially if you cry half of it off during your vows! Great skin means your makeup artist has enough time to work on highlighting your features and giving you an elegant finish, rather than just covering up.

What facial should you invest in?

A course of Microdermabrasion facials is the ideal choice. Microdermabrasion works by removing dead skin cells and deeply cleansing the pores. The facials also stimulate collagen production to firm the skin and promote microcirculation to restore radiance. Microdermabrasion treats an enormous variety of imperfections, including spots and blemishes, enlarged pores, flaky skin, fine lines, uneven skin tone, acne scarring and pigmentation. Not many facials can work on so many different skin concerns! The treatments are short enough to fit into your lunch break, and you can see results from your very first session. It’s the perfect choice for any busy bride-to-be who wants visible results and ensures that you’ll look stunning as you walk down the aisle.


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