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world kindness day

Ways to be Thoughtful on World Kindness Day

The 13th of November is World Kindness Day. It’s your chance to spread some kindness, so here’s a few ideas to get you started.


Upload a happy picture of yourself and tell your family and friends to have a great day. That way you get to make all your connections on Facebook smile.

Phone a Friend

Get in touch with someone you haven’t seen for a while and have a catch-up on the phone. It might be a friend, or it could be a family member you don’t see often. Definitely to it if you have someone elderly in the family.

Make a Meal

If you’ve got a friend who is always busy with her kids, go round to her house and make her some lunch. That way you get to see her even when she’s too busy to meet you elsewhere. You can give her a hand while you swap all your news.

Queuing Up

When you’re in the supermarket queue, let someone elderly or a harassed mum go in front of you and give them a big smile. 


Ask your parents if there is something they would like to do or see for a day out and then treat them to it.


Get out the board games and sit and play with your kids.  When the games have finished give them their favourite meal and let them do something they love doing for half an hour before bedtime.


Leave a love note or a big smiley cut-out in your partner’s trouser pocket or bag to make them smile.

On the Road

Let a car pull out before you and give the driver a big smile.

At Work

Organise a collection of food from colleagues to donate to your nearest food bank.

And Finally…

Be Kind to Yourself

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